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Pets and Everything

Having a pet is an extension of who we are.  They fill that void in the home, whether it be spreading cat hair all over the couch to jumping up and taking over your laptop while you are working.

A friend of mine lost her mother.  She is recently divorced and has no children.  The divorce left her feeling lost and alone.  Getting up in the morning her house was empty and seemed barren.  When she was young her family had owned two cats, I remember her saying.  She used to talk about the cats with compassion and love.

For her birthday I bought her two kittens.  She was ecstatic.  In time I noticed my friend’s moods were more calm and she seemed at peace.  She said if she felt depressed the cats would ease her out of the depression just by patting, hugging and talking to them.  Pets are excellent therapy.

Shelter adoption

Adopting a pet from a shelter is a win-win situation.  The animal is taken from a cage and placed in a loving home.  The owner is given an animal that will provide comfort, companionship and love.

We lost a cat a few years ago.  A coyote had found our cat and it never came back.  We were devastated.  My daughter was away that summer and to surprise her I bought a new cat.  When she saw it she said “What is this cat doing here?”  She seldom got angry.  She quickly took the cat, drove it back to the shelter and went to a nearby field with it.  A worker at the shelter saw this.  She called me and said she will have to report the incident to the SPCA if the situation is not straightened out.  Would my daughter accept this pet with kindness?  It all eventually worked out and the cat is now a member of our family.  My daughter explained that the anger she displayed was not towards the new cat but towards the fact that we lost the other cat and she missed it.

Advantages to Having a Pet

  1. Provides companionship, a feeling of comfort
  2. Gives unconditional love.  A pet will love you no matter what
  3. By adopting from a shelter, you give an animal a home
  4. A pet can help with anxiety, stress and can help lower blood pressure
  5. A pet can provide safety.  eg. watch dogs or dogs that bark when someone is arriving at your house
  6. Pet owners suffer fewer ailments such as headaches, colds and hay fever
  7. Children who own pets are less self-centered than those who don’t
  8. People who own pets, make new friends.  eg.  meeting people walking your dog, attending dog training classes, visiting the vet
  9. Owning a pet teaches a child about responsibilities of life and mutual trust.

Pets can provide love, companionship, joy and comfort.  I would never be without a pet because they are a part of who I am.  They are an extension of myself.

Lynn McIntosh is an esthetician and health and wellness consultant. She is knowledgeable in the anti aging field, both skin and body. She received her esthetician license in 2005 and became involved in a facet of the health and wellness field in 2010. She believes in taking care of yourself - both mind and body, spiritually and physically. Keeping your inner peace. Getting in that 20 minutes of dancing daily keeps her uplifted. Not to mention tuned in and turned on!


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