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Dancing is the Best Therapy

Dancing is the true escape.  In as little as one minute you can feel totally happy.  I started dancing when I was four years old.  My mother wanted me to take a sport, but one that was on the feminine side.  I loved it from the very beginning.

When I was young I would hear a song on the radio, like the tune, but didn’t really listen to the beat or rhythm and how the song changes in its levels of sound.  A four year old hasn’t learned a lot of self expression so when I learned to dance I became more in tune with my body and with music.

Self Expression

I always have loved music so when I learned to dance I could easily get the beat and rhythm of the song.  As you dance it becomes a form of self expression.  Ballet teaches you self expression by mimicking your body movements to the song.  As the words of the song tell the story, you portray the story with your body, using your arms, hands and legs as the tools.  When doing this you get the true, deep meaning of the song.  Dancing made me a more sensitive person, for it deals with your soul and true feelings.

What Dancing Can Do for You

  1. Increase your adrenaline
  2. Gives you an escape from reality.  Treats anxiety, depression and stress
  3. Makes your body more flexible
  4. Can bring you fun, chaotic moments
  5. Gives you more empathy, sensitivity
  6. Gives you strength and balance
  7. It increases the way your brain functions in a positive way
  8. Dancing will make you happier than hitting the gym or going for a run

Two areas it really helped me was with strength and balance.  The first time I attempted water skiing, I got up the first time.  If you learn dancing at a young age like I did, it helps you to learn sports like water skiing , snow skiing and gymnastics much faster.

Learning to dance can teach you many things at one time.  Rhythm, strength, joy and sensitivity are positive and you will learn this.  Dancing is good for the mind, body and soul

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Lynn McIntosh is an esthetician and health and wellness consultant. She is knowledgeable in the anti aging field, both skin and body. She received her esthetician license in 2005 and became involved in a facet of the health and wellness field in 2010. She believes in taking care of yourself - both mind and body, spiritually and physically. Keeping your inner peace. Getting in that 20 minutes of dancing daily keeps her uplifted. Not to mention tuned in and turned on!


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