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A Fish In Water

I’ve always loved to swim. When I was young I was a fish in water. Vacations we took-always in the pool for hours. I know, I know I’m older now. Go swimming 3x a week-1 hr each time. Just do straight lengths-back and front. Love it because there is no

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Pets and Everything

Having a pet is an extension of who we are.  They fill that void in the home, whether it be spreading cat hair all over the couch to jumping up and taking over your laptop while you are working. A friend of mine lost her mother.  She is recently divorced

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The Wonder of Autism

My son has autism.  Low autism, on a scale from 1 to 10 he would be rated a 2.  You wouldn’t know he is autistic when you meet and talk to him.  The signs are there, though. The reason more males than females are autistic, researchers say is that the

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