Lynn's Story

A Fish In Water

I’ve always loved to swim. When I was young I was a fish in water. Vacations we took-always in the pool for hours. I know, I know I’m older now. Go swimming 3x a week-1 hr each time. Just do straight lengths-back and front. Love it because there is no hard, sudden friction against the body, yet the whole body gets the workout all at once. Easy peasy. A few years back my daily food choices were not the greatest. I was in a rut. I needed a plan, something to follow. A special lady introduced me to a nutritional system. The second day on it I could feel my stress level coming down. This stuff worked! Now I wouldn’t be without it. Convenient, easy to do, tastes great, have so much more energy and a great sense of wellbeing. Interested in feeling better nutritionally, email me at and we can chat.

Lynn McIntosh is an esthetician and health and wellness consultant. She is knowledgeable in the anti aging field, both skin and body. She received her esthetician license in 2005 and became involved in a facet of the health and wellness field in 2010. She believes in taking care of yourself - both mind and body, spiritually and physically. Keeping your inner peace. Getting in that 20 minutes of dancing daily keeps her uplifted. Not to mention tuned in and turned on!


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